Motherboard light wont come on


i have a minor problem. ive searched through countless forums andi i am having a hard time finding an answer to this.

i played my new computer for about 6 months. it has a 750 power supply, 6 core amd phenom 2 processor, unsure of mobo. one day i come home turn i t on, runs fine. couple of hours later i tried to turn it on again but there was nothing. i like to look at things myself(i know how to build a computer just dont know the tech terms), so i pulled the side off the tower.

after about 5 seconds of looking i see that the light on the motherboard isnt on. it ISNT and CANT be the power supply because im using my really old computer to type this message. it has the power supply in it that was in my new computer that crashed. if anyone can give me some pointers or some help. i would greatly appreciate it

i would also like to know if my processor is ok.

i might upgrade if not to an amd fx8150 8 core 3.6ghz w/ 12gb of ram.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    First things first... I must give you a verbal spanking for declaring that your problems are NOT related to the PSU. It may be unlikely since you are using that PSU on a different machine but it is not impossible... on to your issue.

    Impossible to give you any helpful information without knowing what motherboard you are using (if prebuilt, what make and model).
    For clarification also, when you "came back to turn it on...", had it been powered down properly and had any updates been installed? What steps have you taken so far to troubleshoot if any?
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