Cannot find a driver free for canoscan lide 20

I wiuld like a driver to instal free foer my canascan lide20
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  1. What operating system and is it 32 bit or 64 bit??
    Have you checked the canon website, They have drivers?
    If For Windows 7, Canon Does Not have one - they Want you to buy a new scanner. I had the lide 35, which cannon would NOT provide a windows 7 64 bit driver (Would have been simple - shame on them.
  2. sadly there is no drivers past win XP, i got few canoscan as well.

    I end up using VirtualBox (or vmware) with windows XP installed. Works good just set destination to shared folder and pictures end up on real PC folder.
  3. the lide20 is a great old scanner, but no, there are no drivers beyond XP, they simply do not exist. You can try the WinXP drivers, but there is no guarantee it will work properly
  4. Vuescan

    Not free but will work with your scanner ^ Give it a try

  5. uhh cool software, but unless you got pro 500$ scanner it be cheaper to buy new one lol for regular use.
  6. ^ I think that is for Win 7 32 bit (reason I asked op if 32bit, or 64 bit).
    Only saw xp 64 bit and vista 64 bit.
  7. Yes it is for 32 bit my error forgot to add it!I'll add it now.
  8. It just showed 7 in the Canon OS list , but microsoft says no to 64 bit.
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