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My pc works in horizontal position

Last response: in Systems
July 19, 2011 4:32:05 PM

I bought a custom built desktop which is 6-7 months old


i5 PROCEESOR 650 @3.2

periodically it would give problems like auto restarts, unexpected shutdown,and would not even switch on

Strangely it would work fine in horizontal position as soon as i turn to vertical it would either restart or switche of
I have checked connections in it all are good and tight no component is old and is free of dust

The pc would work fine for two weeks or so if left unused for or not used heavily for a month

While using it i found fiddling with the power cord, ups,or cabinet would make my pc shutdown,restart or prevent me from switching it on

Can a faulty power cord be the problem as it works well on horizontal position

I have played games like prototype,GTA4,mass effect, blackops,halo,fifa11 without any problem in vertical position

PS:the above problem occurs periodically.Thanks in advance
July 19, 2011 5:03:08 PM

Something may be loose causing to restart or the thermal paste is wearing off and causing your cpu to overheat. But when in horizontal the fan would be held down by gravity giving it enough cooling? Just a thought could be anything really double check that nothing seems different in horizontal vs vertical other than the case being sideways :) 
July 20, 2011 4:10:40 PM

no visible changes in horizontal and vertical
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July 24, 2011 5:25:22 PM

That seems odd. Have you monitored the temps before it shuts down?
September 2, 2012 1:31:18 AM

Same problem.

Custom built PC with intel motherboard.

I thought it died on me about a week ago when it suddenly restarted the system and just hung. No readings on the motherboard at all the little screen wouldn't even turn on.

Decided to take it appart and get a new board so flipped it on its side and thought I'll give it one last try BAM! Works!

Now tried standing it up and switches off again and the screen goes blank. As soon as I lay it down it works again go figure...

Checked ALL connections zip tied every wire. Still shutting of... :o 

Completely clueless whats going on but could anyone at least give it a theoretical shot?

Much appreciated!

Best Regards,
Richard A.