Inspiron 531s power supply replacement for new video card

So I have a very weak 250 watt psu in my dell inspiron 531s and i really dont need a gaming computer since i dont really play the latest demanding games, does anyone know where i can get a decent 300-400 watt psu anywhere, any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. have you tried at newegg?
  2. I would check craigslist for used ps. They always have some listed. Frys and newegg are benchmarks for pricing new. I just noticed a thermaltake 430w (very common unit) for only $20 used on craigslist. And an older antec 400w was only $12.
  3. ill go for the antec, i had a problem with thermaltake psus
  4. well since you have a slimline PC, you need a TFX PSU like this one

    21a on the 12v rail is plenty for any low profile card out there including the ATI 5750
  5. You didn't like the power supplies that were recomended to you on your other post?
  6. make sure thats not one of the dell models that use a proprietory psu before buying a new psu
  7. thanks for the link! really helpful, now i know for sure that ill get that one, and Inzone that psu is the same one that was posted here lol, but yeah i only posted it on the other forum because i wasn't sure where this thread belonged, but thank you all for the info!!!
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