GT240 overheating?


i'm experiencing several black screens with my GPU. i'm using an Inno3D GT240 DDR5 and its drivers are fully updated. after playing Crysis Warhead on gamer settings (except for Texture Quality) for about 10mins my monitor turns black. although the light on its power button is still on its color becomes red.

so i tried to use MSI afterburner to monitor its temp and that time, my GPU idles @ 47C and reaches 67C on full load - the temp continues to rise as i play much longer. then after like 10mins. my screen goes black. my theory is that when it reaches 71C, my screen becomes black. it was kinda confusing because some people on the net says that their GPUs were able to withstand a scorching 80C and still its able to perform efficiently.

some said that maybe i need to add fans for better air flow but then again, my small casing can only have 2 80mm fans. =.=

right now, i was able to play Crysis Warhead (i used this one for testing my GT240) without any problem since the ambient temp today was kinda cool. my GPU idles @ 41C and reaches 63C while playing.

is it really overheating? i also tried looking over my PSU. its a generic 500w PSU. maybe its kinda tired since its running for about 3yrs. lol.

maybe you guys can help me. my GT240 is about 2 weeks old. :)



i also remembered when playing The Saboteur on the part where you're riding a zeppelin. once i'm on the part where you see the whole city, my screen becomes black too even if i was able to play it smoothly.

loads of explosion all over the place, smokes, fog, random lights whenever i play a high end game my monitor gets screwed up.

sorry if my story is kinda long. but really, thanks for your time reading it :)
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  1. Maximum temperature for a GT240 is 105°C in the 70's under load is not bad!
    What is your CPU temp?
  2. right now, my CPU reaches 40-42C on idle.

    okay, i've tried using prime95 but for some unknown reason my system freezes and becomes slower. i downloaded the 64bit version.


    tried playing Warhead. my CPUs temp was @ 51C GPU was @ 67C. never experienced any black screens. maybe because of the cool ambient temp =.=
  3. That is OK for idle but what is it under load?
  4. played Warhead for like 30mins. the temp reaches 51-52C never had any black screens while playing earlier because of the cool weather right now lol. :)
  5. Those temps are fine.
  6. if it gets hotter by the next day, the temps may reach 55C. is it still fine?

    in case that my CPU and GPU temps are ok, then is it safe to say that i still have a good airflow in my casing and that there's nothing to be worried about "overheating"?

    thanks :D
  7. Yes I think we ruled out overheating! Have you considered that maybe the monitor itself is overheating and shutting off.
  8. i really don't know since it doesn't completely shuts off, power is still running - the light on its button is still on but instead of blue the color becomes red so i assume that the monitor loses its connection to my GPU.

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