How do you overclock a Processor?

I have a Asus Sabertooth 990 fx mobo with a athlon x4 645 processor.I would like to know how I can slightly OC it.It is stock at 3.1.I would like to try to get it to around the 3.3 to 3.5 if possible.
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  1. I just raise the cpu fsb by 20% to start, and see if the ram follows. Many boards still set the ram default setting to 1066 for ddr3. I normally set my ram a notch lower and the cpu fsb up by the same percentage. For example, if the cpu fsb is normally 200, I set it at 240 fsb. If the ram is 1600, I manually set it to 1333 (or 667, if the listing is half the actual speed). Ram willl normally overclock by the same percentage as the cpu, or the board may clock it down if it's set to auto to prevent a system crash.
  2. how do i do it though?in bios?
  3. Yes. In the bios. You can access it by pressing one of the "f" keys or "del" during the post screen or when the asus logo appears at boot up. You must understand if the system doesn't like your new setting, it may not post when you save and exit with the new settings. So learn if your board has a overclocking recovery post such as with my biostar. It will repost even when a setting causes a system crash, giving you a chance to change the new setting to what it was before. Otherwise, you have to reset the bios using the cmos jumper with the power supply unplugged. You simply move the cmos jumper over to the "clear" position while off, then return to the "run" position. Read your manual before messing with the bios. You can also carefully remove the board battery to reset the bios if it won't post after a bios change. Read, read, read. There's no excuse for laziness. Most manuals are written in several languages now.
  4. no need to be a smartass.Experience>books
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