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Is the MSI z77a-g45 better than the MSI z77a-g43 model motherboard?
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  1. can i crosfire 3xsapphire radeon 6870 Graphics cards with the g45?
  2. fair enough im sure dual crossfire will run bf3 at highest settings same all other games from past 5 years?
  3. well i have just invested in a i5-3570k cpu aswell as 8gb ram and 750watt ocz-zs 80+bronze pwer unit i dont know of anything else i would need for some gaming and web browsing and maybe a little overclock here and there.
    Am i missing anything else.
  4. ssd is way too expensive right now i use 1tb with just games so thats out of question right now lol, as for gtx i prefer ati cards over nvidia plus i already have 1 6870 gpu so only need to buy 1 more.
  5. Do you happen to know what the safest possible overclock with that cpu with stock fan and 4 case fans?
  6. what would be the cheapest option for overclock (FAN)?
  7. Sweet thankyou so much for your time it is appreciated.
  8. Change of plan going with arctic cooling freezer i30 since my £180 i5 is at stake here lol so you were right money is everything especially when it comes to the brain of the pc.
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