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Here's the setup:

My computer is connected directly to a LinkSys Router which also has the networked printer connected to it. There is a D-Link Hub connected to the LinkSys. The computers attached to the D-Link Hub have NO problems printing. But my computer on the other hand, takes forever to print. For example, I want to print a CAD drawing. I press print, it takes about 20 seconds to bring up the print dialog box. I hit properties, another 20 seconds. I hit print preview, another 20 seconds. And ofcourse when I hit OK to print, it takes another 20 seconds. Other computers on the DLink hub don't have this problem at all. Prints almost instantly.

Any ideas? I was thinking that a DLink router might solve the problem. But isn't it weird that people that aren't as directly connected as I am, don't have this problem. Sounds backwards to me.

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  1. I'm thinking that the source of the problem resides on your computer than the network itself. If it takes 20 seconds for the print dialog to come up (after doing File>Print), then it may be that (1) you will have to reinstall the printer driver, (2) the CAD software is using up too much of the computer's resources, or (3) the computer's hardware configuration is that of a slower computer when compared to the others on the network.

    Do the other computers print from CAD software too?
    Do you experience this lag when you connect your computer to the D-Link router?
  2. Thing is, there was another person who had his computer in this office and had the same problem. Now he's in a different location and connected to the DLink and it works fine.

    The other computer do use CAD aswell.

    I haven't tried connecting this computer to the DLink as it's not a solution and it's not very convient to try. But hopefully I will get a chance to try that.

    "A delayed game will eventually come out, a bad game is bad forever."
    -Shigeru Miyamoto
  3. What kind of printer? Is it a 10 or a 10/100mbit connection? Your router might be getting slammed trying to process a CAD drawing while serving up others. Try hooking into the hub and check to see if it prints fine for you at that point. You might have the wrong driver installed too. If it's HP you might want to revert or PCL5 or go up to PCL6 drivers. Linksys might even have a patch out on their website for select computers or a firmware upgrade for your router.
    Set your computer's NIC to 100/full and that probably will fix everything for the most part.

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