Is a pigeon faster than uploading a video ?

Wow laughed at this thought only the USA had it this bad. Don't even think here is pigeons technology in the USA yet.

Contest had a 300mb video clip send via pigeon and uploaded at the same time and guess who won.
Start = Beverley, Yorkshire UK
Finish = Lincolnshire UK
55Miles route or 1.29hours by car.

Go pigeon power.
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  1. Intersting comparison but a bit biased. If they compared 56k download off a old phone line and put the flash card strapped to a drunk pig, the pig will probably will as well.
  2. The aim of the comparative review was to see which travels faster: video uploads by rural broadband or by pigeon post.

    Well not really a 56k modem. So what is biased ?

    This link shows uploads speeds of the world / planet earth and you can click the country of your choice to get more details.

    Top upload avg. is Asia at 2.66Mb/s (300kbps).
    Europe upload avg. is 1.97Mb/s (230kbps).
    USA upload avg. is 1.67Mb/s (200kbps).

    UK tops out at max 10Mb/s (1000kbps) transfer speed.,3,4

    Transport Speed

    Pigeon post (Rory)* 533Kbps

    Broadband (Rural) 200Kbps

    I have seen Fibre running at 33Mb/s , 0.6Mb/s (90kbps) close to Canada/Buffalo NY.
    Mexico can do 1.67Mb/s (200kbps) if using business ADSL.
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