Help me connect an HDTV to a Dual DVI video card

I have a Radeon 4800 Series (ATI) card made by Visiontek (model 4350).
It has dual DVI-I Dual Link outputs and S-Video.
I ONLY have component cables at the PC (connecting into projector on other end for home theatre setup).
I tried a DVI to Component adapter which does not work on this board.
I tried an S-Video to Component adapter which does not work.

What are other choices?
If I need to replace this card, can you recommend one that supports digital output via DVI to component adapter?

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  1. Does your HDTV have HDMI or VGA inputs, and what's it's maximum resolution?

    try this one: or
  2. It is an Infocus 7200 projector - it has VGA but no HDMI input. Max resolution is 1280x1024.
    I ran component to the back of the PC years ago (before HDMI) so that is my only option - short of buying a new projector with HDMI inputs or finding a dongle that does the conversion out of DVI to Component. I thought I had this working but it could have been on other graphics card. The connector within current DVI-Component adapter is broken and when I went to order new ones, it says my card is not supported?
  3. If you're only using component for video and not audio then you'd be better off getting a simple DVI -> VGA adapter you can find anywhere for cheap.

    If you only intend to connect the PC to the projector to watch from a wall, then that should work without a problem
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