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Hey there,

Just built my first computer but I can't load windows 7 because I bought a dvd drive with the wrong connection xD - (new one is coming tomorrow) but i'd like to know, when you connect the fans to the motherboard, when you boot it up are the fans running at full speed?

Also, my monitor isn't showing the bios, even though everything is working - I'm pretty sure it's my monitor being funny - I've only ever used it with my Xbox and it often cuts out the xbox loading screen etc. (W2361v). But I'd like to get into the BIOS to see if my HDDs are working - any ideas?
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  1. what do you mean your monitor is not showing bios? Did you enter bios or what?

    Try entering Bios by pressing f2 on start up.

    As for the fans, I don't think they will run full speed unless the temps get to a certain degree, causing the fans to turn up the speed, which wouldn't happen at start up.
  2. as in my monitor doesn't detect an input from my computer (nothing is connected btw)
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