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please help me, i have gigabyte motherboard M52L-S3, i reset the bios and after that there always this continuous long beep, it says in the manual the graphic card not inserted properly, so i took it off and inserted again in the slot however, this continuous long beep still on. so i bought new graphic card and i installed it on my motherboard, however it doesn't solve the problem, and thank you for someone who could help me here. :(
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    Try reseating your ram!
  2. i did that four times actually, and still the long beep doesn't stop
  3. oh yes i forgot the graphic card fan is on anyway, but the long beep still on all the time, and there are no POST, because there is no visual display on my monitor. that's why i'm so confused by it. if the graphic card isn't fully seated then why the graphic card fan can be on. is it because my BIOS/CMOS had error on it. if it did how could i reset those, i already trying jumper thing, short circuited it, and take the battery of from it, but the POST and the BIOS/CMOS setup didn't come up in my monitor. thanks for the help.
  4. Does the video card require an external PCI-e power connection ? and if so have you made sure it is plugged in properly ?
  5. No, it doesn't need an external power source. I just plug it in to the graphic card slot and the graphic card fan is on when i turn on the power,and the graphic card manual doesn't mention about external power source. But still the beep doesn't stop. thank you.
  6. What card is it ? (Make and type) and what is the Wattage and brand of the Powersupply in the system? - a continuous long beep usually means that it is not getting enough power to the card so it could be you are missing an external connector or the PSU may not provide enough Amps to run the card.
  7. thank you all, i already solved the problem after doing breadboarding, the main problem is one of my memory went dead, the other one is my old graphic card had deffect on it, but anyway thanks for all you guys that already give me suggestion for my problems.
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