ASUS P8Z77-M PRO Vs ASRock Z77 Extreme4-M

Hi all,
I'm looking for a decent motherboard for my new build next month and I can't decide between these two boards.
Which one would you consider better?
I have seen people recommend the ASRock board over the ASUS simply because of the much lower price tag, however, here in the UK, the price is very similar. ASUS is £107, ASRock is £101.
So simply, which board is better in terms of build quality/features etc?

I may also consider the ASUS Maximus V Gene for £147, but I'm not sure if the improvement warrant the almost 50% increase in price. Is this board worth getting instead?

Thanks for you help!
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  1. Sorry I forgot to add links to the mobo's

    ASRock Extreme4-M:

    ASUS P8Z77-M:

    I need to be able to transport my pc easily, so I have to go micro-ATX.

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  3. Just looking at the I/Os, the ASUS has 2 more USB 3.0s and one more eSATA (if either of those are important to you).

    I don't see much a difference other that that. Explains the comparable prices. I would just go with the cheaper one, or decide based upon brand preference.
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