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I recently built my second PC. The problem is I keep getting the blue screen of death. I don't get it every time I use the computer, but I do get it about once a day at random times. I have had 3 error messages (Memory Management problem, Page Fault in Nonpaged Area, and one I can't remember). I decided to run memtest, but I couldn't narrow down the problem. I did have errors in memtest, but not every time. The only time I had errors was when I tried one stick in slot A1 and one stick in slot B1 (And sometimes even this came back with no errors). Anytime I tried one stick at a time I had no errors. When I did get errors in memtest they all came at once in the thousands. Does this confirm that my RAM is bad or could it be something else? I can still RMA my products, but I need to figure out what to RMA. Please help.
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  1. Any error in Memtest means that your RAM is bad. You should run multiple passes on each stick to determine which ones are actually bad. An error, even if it only happens one in a thousand times, will be enough to BSOD you computer.
  2. We will need to know the exact error messages in order to better assist you with this.
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