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Best MOBO For My 1155 i7 2600k

Gents, Im back to tinkering with the ole' PC again. :bounce:
Its only a few months old, but Im looking to change out some components. Well, I hope you guys will help me decide that.
My current MoBo (GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3) was a last resort purchase, as the MoBo I wanted wasn't in stock.
My GPU's arent PCIe 3.0, but Ill soon be replacing those anyway.
Here's my question:
Which MoBo should I get that will 1) be somewhat future proof (for at least 1 year)
2) supports 2 PCIe 30.0x16 GPU's
3) still works with my current CPU

This was an option I was considering:

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  1. you are setting your sights way to high, unless you can justify spending $340 [the real price of that motherboard] over something around $150 then i sea absolutely no reason to get a motherboard of that price.

    when it comes down to it, price reflects a few things. #1 how many pcie slots it has #2 extreme over clocking features that most people cannot even utilize without extensive knowledge #3 ports #4 accessories like pci brackets for more ports

    unless you can find something thatll justify the price of that board than i would go with something in the $150 range like this
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    your CPU doesnt have pcie 3.0 support anyway, just FYI, you will have to get an ivy bridge processor to use pcie 3.0
  3. Thanks for that! Pretty much exactly what I was looking for!
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