i7 2600 vs i7 extreme vs dual xeon for 3ds max ?

Hello,im a 3ds max user and im planning to build a workstation . im confuse between i7 2600k or i7 extreme or dual xeon ? motherboard ? memory ? xp pro or 7 ? 128 gb ssd enough for applications im using (3ds max, after effects, photoshop , premiere) ? graphics card ? im thinking of quadro 4000. im doing architecture design and animation . what do you thing of your best configuration in this case ? thanks and best regards to everyone here.
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  1. Exactly which xeon's are you going to use? What is your budget, also I would reccomend a geforce card over a quadro card for 3ds max.
  2. thank you Apprentice for your reply . i dont have exact budget . abt xeons its Intel® Xeon® Processor X5650 . i already experience geforce 9800 GT im running now with a lot of bugs when im working with heavy scene. thanks
  3. So dual x5650's would be around $1800..............and then you would have to get the other parts.... Seems like you are looking around a 3000-4000 dollar build.
  4. thanks amuffin for ur reply . i will go with one xeon processor first than add other later when im ready if its better than i7 2600k
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