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hey i will be doing my first pc build in a few days and was wondering how my case fans will be connecting to my MOBO/PSU


thanks in advance im just confused with the 2 connectors each for the top and front fan then just the one for the back fan.

any help is much appreciated!
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  1. they will connect to the psu using molex connectors the other connector is just another option for power dont worry about them
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    I think it depends on what you want and what type of motherboard your looking at. If you want your case fans to be running at full rpm then connect it to your PSU via molex connectors or you can connect them to your motherboard vin 2/3 pin connectors. From what I can see, your motherboard can connect up to 6 fans, split between your CPU and case.

    You may want to find another PSU if you haven't already brought the one you listed.
  3. alright thanks guys i was really confused as to what the 2 connectors were for.

    so i would just put only 2 pins off of the molex connectors into the mobo for rpm control? i will probably just plug them in to the power supply for full fan movement. i heard that they are quiet anyways
  4. I wanna say that most modern motherboards have an automatic fan speed adjustment feature so that the motherboard can adjust the fan to the appropriate speed.

    Yup, only plug in the 2/3-pin connectors into the motherboard for motherboard self-adjusting fan speed and do not plug in the molex connectors. If you want full fan speed all the time then plug in only the molex connectors.
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  6. There are three types of fan connectors.

    1) A 4 pin molex is the larger. It will connect to the psu, and you can attach as many as you want. There is no speed control, the fan always runs at max speed.

    2) Another type is a three pin conector which is smaller with a notch in it.
    These connectors are designed to attach to the motherboard. The third/yellow lead is a speed sensor so the motherboard knows when to adjust the speed.
    You can control the speed of these fans with the bios, or a program like speedfan.

    If a fan comes with both, you have a choice of using either connector.

    3) The last is a 4 pin pwm cpu fan connector. PWM(pulse Width Modulation) controls the fan speed by turning the current on and off rapidly. The three pin speed control works by reducing the voltage to the fan from 12v to something less. A pc will not run without a fan connected to the cpu fan connector.
    The fan itself may have 3 or 4 connections. It is the size of the three pin type above. If you have a 4 pin pwm fan and only a three pin mobo cpu fan connector, then you can still plug in the fan, but it will just run at max speed.
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