Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Doesn't Turn Off

For the first couple weeks, the computer shut down properly. However, when I click "shut down", the screen goes blank, the drives turn off, but the board and fans (including the CPU fan) remain on. The code that the board displays is "05". I have to hold the power button on the computer to get it to power off.

This may have been triggered by me attempting to shift the connections to fix a previous problem. Last week my computer wouldn't turn on, so I shifted a few connectors, and it started working again. When I reset the computer, the board seems to shut everything down properly for a couple seconds (fans and everything) before starting up again properly.

Any ideas what could cause the board not to turn off? I've done searches, and I haven't been able to find anything.
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  1. Verify that the long 24pin 12Volt power connection is plugged in properly to your MB.
  2. I did that just before I posted. It doesn't seem to click into position, but I don't want to break the board pushing it in too hard.
  3. I would suggest working towards and RMA, as that is not normal behavior at all, especially if your BIOS is current.
  4. A couple other things I've discovered while experimenting.

    Like I said before, it does restart, however it hangs for about 10 seconds (much longer than it did last week) on the Shutting Down screen.

    I took out the GPU, and I found out that its actually sitting on the Shutting Down screen forever.. I guess this may not be a motherboard problem after all. However, it still doesn't shut down even in safe mode, so I'm not sure.
  5. I know how I hate these unsolved problems when searching for answers... I fixed the problem.

    I cleared the bios by removing the battery, pressing the power a couple times, and leaving it sit for a half hour. I tried changing the settings to default within the bios prior to this, but the problem remained.

    This may also have been a result of strangeness caused by updating the bios - I know at least one other problem caused by that, but it was only a setting change.

    Its working perfectly now. Thank you for the input.
  6. Good! Glad you were able to sort it out!
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