For 1920 x 1080 gaming res ?

i have two choice, i wanna it for high res gaming
my monitor SamSung bx2331

Sapphire AMD HD 6950 1G


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  1. In that price range if you can get a 6950 2Gb version and unlock it to a 6970 (you'd have ask/read more into it however) that would be the best option in that price range.
  2. i wish i can but it unavailable in our country

    so what's the best for me ???
  3. They are really about the exact same in performance. The 6950 being a bit better on average but not by much. They consume about the same power. With the Nvidia card you get Physx.

    So if you care about Physx get the 560ti, and if you just want performance (small margrin here) get the 6950 1gb. Or just get which ever is cheaper.
  4. Well, just so this thing doesn't turn too biased, 6950 1gb does support eyefinity of up to at least 3 monitors. So say you have 3 low res monitors to make up a 1080p, you'd want the 6950. But at 1GB memory, it won't do you much good. Either way, you're good to go.
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