Will this processor work in my motherboard?

Here is my processor:

here is my motherboard:

The technical details for my motherboard says socket 1156 yet the motherboard says CPU: Socket 1155 Support Intel Sandy Bridge Processors

I am confused
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  1. no, that cpu will not work in that motherboard. they are different sockets obviously. The motherboard is 1155 the cpu is 1156, its pretty clear to me, i dont know what you are reading? If you want a core i3 for that motherboard you want the i3 2100.
  2. but the motherboard specs says its LGA 1156 socket in the technical details so why wont it work. I know I can use a i3-2100, but still dont understand why I cant use the i3-550
  3. Google it man. They are two completely different sockets. Or you can try to hammer the 550 in!!!!!
  4. It says 1155 in the technical details. 1156 and 1155 are two completely different sockets, they are not interchangeable, and you cannot use an 1156 CPU in an 1155 socket or vice versa. It isn't like the AMD sockets where some newer CPUs will work on an older socket, provided you have the appropriate BIOS. I know, it's really stupid, and intel only changed the socket for Sandy Bridge in order to sell more motherboards, but that's the way it is. The i3 2100 probably will cost about the same as an i3 5xx, while delivering better performance, so just get the 2100 if you are looking for a CPU in that price bracket for that particular motherboard.

    If you really want the i3 5xx CPU, get an 1156 board, though that's not advisable as 1156 is a dead socket, and there is no upgrade path beyond the Clarkdale and Lynnfield CPUs.
  5. guys check it. click on see more technical details. it says there socket 1156. so why can i not use a lga 1156 i3-500 core processor?
  6. Well, that has to be a typo on Amazon's part. No LGA 1156 boards use the H61 Express chipset, and on every other part of the product page it says it is LGA 1155, not 1156. An 1156 CPU will not work on any 1155 board, there are no exceptions.
  7. it will not work, as stated by others they are different sockets.
  8. spend an extra $25 on the cpu and it's actually worth the price.
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    Here I will answer this with an even more accurate answer here is the MSI CPU support list for that motherboard ->

    Notice the processor you want is not on that list. It is not supported so it won't work period. You need a processor on that list to work in that motherboard. So if you want that motherboard you will need to choose from that list. It is always best to go to the manufacturer if you want clear answers about what will work CPU wise for a motherboard Amazon can make mistakes but the manufacturer isn't likely to mess up a detail like that.
  10. thanks caqde. You rock man. Thanks everybody for the help. :bounce:
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