Can't figure out where to plug in the power switch connectors

I just bought a new computer case today, but had to unplug the old motherboard, and now I can't figure out where the plugs for the power switch should go. The motherboard is an ht2000 and the case has a plug for power, reset, and led. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
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    Assuming I googled the right stuff, you can find ECS motherboard manuals here:

    And here's a question just like yours that might help:
  2. Is this the board you're referring to? That's the first google hit for "ht2000"

    I can't see a clear HD image but it's probably one of the headers in the bottom right hand corner. Look for 'f_panel' or something like it written near a set of pins. If you mean you have this but don't know which of the pins is which, the best I can say if you can't find the motherboard manual is to play by trial and error. First find the pins that start the board (you can safely use a flat-head screwdriver to jump them, just be careful where you point the thing :D ) then figure out which ones go to which LED. Some boards label the individual connections but not all.

    It can be a pain in the ass, I know!
  3. Beaten to it and missed a thing too... the manual is downloadable! I should have taken a closer look at that support page.

    What JustLurking said...:p
  4. Alright, I figured out that it is not the switch, as they are plugged in correctly, but the motherboard is not receiving power. I know for a fact that the power supply is in working condition, as i just tested it with a different motherboard. The current motherboard should be in working order, as I was just using it today with no problem as well. Could there be some sort of compatibility issue? (The new power supply is 24 pin, 550w, the old one was 20 pin, 300w)
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