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What graphics card would fit this computer? And what power supply?

The PC is an eMachine el1352. It's got an AMD II X2 255 processor and 4 GB of ram. Only thing it really needs is a good graphics card. It's current one is an integrated GeForce 6150 SE.

I'm not sure the exact model of the el1352 it is. I've been all over google and found that some have free PCI slots and some don't.
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    Looking through the images of it on newegg, it appears to have a PCI-E 1x slot, and a PCI-E 16x slot, problem is, the 16x slot gives the card at best half an inch of air space above it, likely only about 1/8" of clearance for air, thats not going to be good for a graphics card, it also requires a short slimline card so your options would be limited, but the lack of cooling concerns me.
  2. Didn't realize the inside was that awkward. When I got the PC I figured it wasn't too expensive and the only upgrade it really needed was the graphics. Guessing there isn't too many options for supplying air to the card either... Besides mutilating the case in some way. But that doesn't sound like a very good option.
  3. You can always buy a new case, I just bought a Cooler Master really nice Midtower case for my aunt that was only 30 dollars after rebate. One of the nicest cases I've seen also. Unfortuanatly that deal is gone.. but the point still stands.
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