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Just looking for opinions on buying recertified or open box GPU on Newegg.
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  1. You are always Taking a risk on Recertified ... I bought a GTX260 about 2 years ago and was pissed ... but I bought an opened box Rampage II Extreme and have never been happier ... also bought and open box GTX 295 for a friend and he wasn't complaining ... and you can always return it if it has issues .. it'll just cost ya an additional $12 from UPS .... but hopefully you can get a prize card for a little less money..
  2. Unless its significantly cheaper than originally dont do it, also be aware of the warranty that goes with it. Open box items make no promises about having all of the box contents aside from the box and the primary item, with motherboards that means that cables and screws may be missing, with GPUs that means adapters. If you can pick up a recertified card for a fair amount cheaper than a new one its often a good pick, but make sure you arent getting a card known for having a short life span, dual card solutions have more heat packed inside them as such are likely to live shorter lives.
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