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Suggestions on Asus Mobo

I need some suggestions for getting a mobo. I have rma 2 asrock z77 extreme4 mobos so far so I am trying to switch it up for Asus.

My built - ATX case
I3-2120 Cpu
Radeon 6850 GPU
DDR3 1600 Ram

I'm looking for mainly ATX since I might plan to xfire GPU in the future. Main use would probably for gaming for now.

I guess I would like to have a few different mobos in different price ranges, like a 100-130, 130-150, 150-180, etc.
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  1. What was wrong with mobos?

    BTW, what PSU do u have?
  2. The first mobo's power connectors were faulty and it would not turn on, second one I had it shorted out somehow so I asked for a refund.

    Been hearing a lot of good news about Asus so I am planning to give it a try, but a lot of the reviews on newegg are making me doubt the authenticity of Asus.

    For PSU, I am using a 750w Roswell with a Roswell Atx Case
  3. Cool. ASUS is great.

    If anything happens again, its your PSU. Roswell PSU's are not that good.
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    Get this one than. It makes no sense to spend more, because of your CPU, cannot overclock.
  5. Oh wow, I did not realize the i3 was not OC-able. Guess I should go for H77s.

    What about this one?

    The features are pretty much identical just that this one has a different audio chipset. But the surprising thing is that after promo and mail in rebate it only comes out to 95 bucks. Will audio chipset matter that much?
  6. You can get any of these two. They are just fine.
  7. Thanks a lot for the info. If you didn't tell me that i3 was not able to OC, I might have ended up getting like a sabertooth and waste like $100 lol.

    I'll just order it the Asus mobo now instead of waiting for my refund from the rma to be approved before buying a new mobo.
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  9. Good luck yingiee!
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