Signs that motherboard is dead

i have an emachine et1331g-05 i turned it off and when i turn it on i hear the fan the mouse lights up keyboard lights up and goes back off no beeps or sounds at all when i turn it i tried new power cord from my other emachine still doesnt work can someone help
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  1. could be that the software crashed, and the thing won't boot
    whatever operating system can be repaired, by following the directions
    I don't see a motherboard problem here....not really
  2. hi

    1- Unplug your tower,

    2- open the case

    3- get memory out

    4- replug your computer and power it on

    If you hear bips: the mobo and cpu are fine

    if not you have a faulty cpu/mobo and possibly psu (psu sometime still power up fan and led but fails especially in low quality parts like emachines)
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