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I have read several posts and although there is a of great information out there, I'm still unable to print from my laptop. I have an ASUS laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium networked to a desktop with Windows XP. The print function has worked just fine for the past several months, but now the status is showing as "Offline". I've tried every fix that I've found and I think the problem may be related to a recent update of my Cisco router. I don't print regularly so I'm not sure that the router update is the cause of the problem, but it doesn't seem to be anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions on checking/correcting/fixing this issue? If not, do you have a recommendation on wireless printer options? I'm seriously considering doing away with the household desktop and having only laptops. Thanks!
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  1. since you have a new router the print may have been assigned a different IP.

    you will have to setup your wireless printer again
  2. Thank you for the information, but I don't have a wireless printer. The printer is attached to the desktop. Is there a way to have my laptop recognize the new IP address? Where do I find it and where on the laptop to I indicate the IP address?
  3. Can you see the desktop on the Network?

    if you can, double click on it and you should see the printer if it is shared.

    right click on it and choose connect
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