Color issues with Acer x193W in Win7; not in WinXP

Hi all,

I recently installed Windows 7 on a new drive and I am currently in the process of moving all my programs, files, & games over.
In doing so, I had to reinstall the ATI Catalyst Control Center for my Radeon HD 5670.

After installing the CCC, I messed with some color/brightness/contrast settings, but I think I reset them to default. The problem: Dark colors appear really screwy in Windows 7, but are OK when I boot back into XP. For example, when playing Minecraft in Win7, unlit caves appear as a dirty black-purple mass of pixels.

(a) is this a problem with the color settings? How do I access them again?
(b) why is this a problem only in Windows 7? Could it be because I changed settings in Win7 and not in XP?
(c) or is my monitor just funky?

Please help me!
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    You just messed something up in CCC.
    Go back to ccc -> desktop managenent -> desktop color -> defaults

    While your at it check what version you are using under
    Information -> Software -> catalyst Version
    Current version is 11.5
  2. it must be a driver/settings issue.
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