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What's the difference between them? Which one's the best? If they are all bad, can you recommend me a case that's $50 after shipping? Thanks
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  2. It seems that Rosewill has 3 fans and more features though.
  3. samuelspark said:
    It seems that Rosewill has 3 fans and more features though.

    Let's see the Rosewill comes with 1 more not so good fan then the NZXT Source 210 Elite.
    The fans and build quality isn't as good as NZXT.
    The NZXT Source 210 Elite is $3.99 more but has USB 3.0 and two better quality fans and the ability to mount 7 120mm fans.
    It's wider to accomodate better HSF.
    So what features is it missing?
    The regular Source 210 is exactly the same except it lacks USB 3.0 and the top 140mm fan.
    For someone on a budget they are all a good value.

    Plenty of complaints regarding the fans and bent panels and broken parts with Rosewill cases.
    Imo the Source 210 delivers more long term value.
  4. 4 usb 2.0 on the front.
  5. Oh ok. I see. Should I get the Source 210 or Elite 431?
  6. samuelspark said:
    4 usb 2.0 on the front.

    Usb 3.0 is the new standard and is backwards compatible.
    No good for you lol!
    98% of the cases on the market don't have 4 x usb 2.0 on the FP.
    Better quality case then the Rosewill with 4x usb 2.0 and cheaper.
  7. I like the Elite 430 i have one it's the cheapest decent quality case you can get that's windowed and features a black interior.
    Reason why i bought it.
    Fits a 212+ no problem.
    I only paid $35 for it though.
    The NZXT Source 210 wasn't on the market though when i bought it.
    If it had been that would be a tough call.
    It's more relevant with USB 3.0 and is built better.
    Anything we've been talking about is decent for what they cost.
    Ultimately you have decide what case you prefer.
    You have a decision on your hands son!
  8. I decided to shell out a little extra money and go for a NZXT M59. Thanks for your suggestions.
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