P5N-D motherboard won't give visual

I have a P5N-D mobo that I'm using with a Q6600 and a gtx 460 graphics card. I blew out my powersupply earlier today and bought a new one asap. While I had the case open I went ahead and cleaned it out (like I always do) and forgot that whenever I unplug my mobo it resets to factory settings. The factory settings make it so that when I plug everything back into the motherboard, the visual won't show up.

I have my monitor (15 pin male) plugged into my gtx 460 through an adapter. I know that this will work because I've been using it for the past 2 years. The problem is that I can't see where I need to go in the BIOS to change the setting from pci to pci-e. When the computer boots, it is running off of the onboard monitor plug (9 pin male). I would either need to find a 15-pin female to 9-pin female adapter so I could change the settings myself (which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist) or I can find someone with an old 9-pin monitor so I could change the settings.

I'm hoping someone here with the same motherboard could tell me what I needed to press in order to change it over. I wouldn't be able to see what I'm doing, but I can follow simple "press delete, wait, up up enter up right up enter f10 y enter" type instructions to change it over. I understand this is mostly a bother to people to figure out, but I really appreciate the help. Thanks
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