Help!my computer died a week ago and it refused to even turn on...

my computer died a week ago after i got off skype and shut it down, and refused to turn on again, i bought a new power supply and it still wouldnt so i moved all the new parts into a new computer of the same model...the video card, ram, harddrive, floppy disk and dvd rom drive and now its fan goes full speed and wont slow down and it crashes using it to post this now while virus checking, but it took me 7 attempts to get it to boot to windows...i tried a new harddrive, new ram, onboard video card, and it still didnt work...something is wrong with it and both are playing is a few years old but it still runned fine with a few upgrades...please help me...ive barely got it working and it will crash within half a went whitescreen and all my wireless devices (mouse and keyboard) lost 17 and live alone so i dont have a fortune...its an acerpower sk30 with 2.5 gb ram upgrade, and a ATI Radeon HD 4350 1gb video card, it really sadens me because this is my favourite computer, im backing up all the data to a external hd incase it dies again as i have a spare pc in the would be appreciated asap...

to contact me the quickest, text me on
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  1. or if your overseas its +61447721958
    thanking you for any help you can provide :)
  2. It sounds to me like your laptop is overheating. Can you go into the BIOs and check that everything is recognized?
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