Tf2 running slower after update! plzz help

hi, i play team fortress 2 and i have never ahd problems with fps, i never dropped below 60fps, but now it can drop down to 30-40fps, why? im thinking its the new updates or maybe there is something wrong with my system.
AMD phenom x6 1055t overclocked to 3.08ghz
gtx 560ti Direct CU TOP 2 stock
4gb ram slightly overclocked to 1400mhz
msi 870a-g54 motherboard.
sry for bad english, im swedish
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  1. I have the same problem, however i have an i5 650 CPU, do you get graphical glitches too? I think it may just be the game.
  2. i dont get any graphical issues only low fps. its terrible i cant play, well i can play but its not fun.
  3. Hi, have you check you video settings, maybe something has reset;

    you could try getting some down a little bit to see if it changes anything
  4. Funny you say that, because I've been having similar problems! I'm using a Radeon 6850 at 1440x900, which I would think should be able to max out the game. I've noticed that the game isn't using a lot of the GPU, the usage is kinda sporadic and it's far from being used fully.....
  5. well why would i turn anything down, i play everything maxed at 1920x1080 and i think a gtx 560 should do that on a almost 5 year old game
  6. If it helps, I updated my nvidia driver to 285.38 for my gtx 460, and while my FPS stay in the 160-180 range, I get random dips of 30-60FPS. Also, the game lags and stutters periodically with graphical issues.
  7. Interesting, those problems are pretty much exactly what mine are! The game runs almost constantly at 60fps (I have vsync enabled) but, every so often it stutters and dips really low.
  8. And it obviously isn't a platform-specific problem, because I'm running an AMD card, while some of you are running nVidia cards....
  9. yeah, i dont have dips, its constantly lower then before the update. what have valve done with the game!
  10. Valve must have screwed something up with this last update. It even crashes every so often for me(and everyone else in the server I'm in), but I haven't noticed any fps problems. I'll go check the framerates to see if I have any dips like the big ones you're getting.
  11. I played some yesterday (got a whole lot of playing to do today) and didn't have any issues. Hopefully its a temp thing.

    System are clean? Playing on local servers?

    Edit: Whoa, totally change my answer. I've had 4 HL.exe fatal errors so far tonight. Getting so bad I might stop playing. Definitely happened after TF2 updated today. Give them a bit to fix it.
  12. well, my temp at max when gaming is 48c so no problem there, i tryed on local server and all kinds of servers, low fps on all, well lower then before the update
  13. and it crashes randomly. HATE IT
  14. Crashes is what I experienced. I had no slow downs at all.
  15. Doh thought I posted back on this.

    I don't experience enough of a slowdown to have it be noticeable. It still hits 300fps, and never goes below 100fps even with everything max.

    My card is a 6950, so it's kind of overkill for a game like this.

    I'm guessing Valve will put out a few updates; there was one yesterday that fixed a few things, but I still crash sometimes. We'll just have to wait for them to fix this.
  16. I have no idea what my frame rate is as I've never bothered to measure it. I have an I5 750 and a 5750. It feels 100% smooth to me all the time. I do have a LOT of game crashes right now however.
  17. well i have a gtx 560ti, its about the same as a 6950 so not much difference. What processor do you have Haserath? do you use any commands or anything?
  18. i7 920@3.8

    I use a few commands, but nothing that should affect framerates.

    rate 20000
    cl_interp 0
    cl_cupdaterate 100
    cl_cmdrate 100

    These seem to fix the lag that I sometimes get on one of the servers I join.

    Now TF2 is even worse though. Instead of crashing at the beginning of a round, it's now crashing randomly and more often. Every update they put out makes it worse. :fou:
  19. ah well you have your processor at 3.8ghz thats why you have lower fps, im at 3.08 ghz so, but should never drop below 80 anyways
  20. cud it be my drivers? how do i check that!
  21. RobinInTheTown said:
    cud it be my drivers? how do i check that!

    You could try downloading new drivers. It never hurts to test a different set of released drivers.

    Try downloading the newest ones, and see if that fixes your problem. If that doesn't work, I would suggest reinstalling TF2 to see if that fixes any problems.
  22. well i updated to the latest, did it a bit better but still bad
  23. I just played last night, no problems. No shut downs, no slow downs. Looks like they got it fixed.
  24. I get random crashes and HL2 stops responding, and horrid frame drops starting around the same times as OP's.
  25. RobinInTheTown said:
    well i updated to the latest, did it a bit better but still bad

    I'm still running into a few crashes, so valve might just need to fix the issues that cropped up with that bad update. That system should be running over 60 fps no matter what.

    There seems to be a new update every day fixes some sort of issue.
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