Set HDD as primary and SSD as secondary (but keep it as a boot drive)

Hey there,

Just built my first computer and everything is working fiiiine :) very pleased. I've made my SSD the boot drive, but now everything that I install is going to the SSD which isn't what I want! Is it possible to now set the HDD as the local drive for all my files and if so how?

Instructions please! Thanks so much
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  1. Set up folder for the appropriate categories on your HDD (Programs/Applications/Games, Documents, Downloads, etc.). When you install programs, use "Custom Installation" and create a new folder in the categorized directory, and it should install to there.

    In W7, you can associate your Libraries with those folders, instead of the default folders created on the C: (I deleted mine). Also, set your browser to download to a file on your HDD.
  2. Is there no simpler way? How do the thousands of other people deal with it, surely not like that
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