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Is there a Single GPU z77 board???


I am currently in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, and I have limited options for a gaming rig. I have chosen to use the following:

Processor: Core i5 3570k (will overclock)
Ram: Corsair Revenge 16GB 1600
Video: Sapphire RADEON 7970 3GB
PSU: Silent 750 watt green branded (forgot the name)
Casing: CoolerMaster HAF X or CM Storm Enforcer
Water Cooling: Corsair H100

My only problem is the pricing, I need a entry level overclocking z77 motherboard, with pcIe 3.0 (for the gpu) But I dont want to plan ever.. to SLI/Crossfire.

I want a gaming PC so I have budget for all the above specs, but I have limited budget for the MOBO. I am looking at the MSI z77 g43 as an option. But I see it is getting bad reviews and limited voltage adjustments... Please help me guys on finding a mobo that supports only 1 pciE 3.0 gpu but can overclock IVY Bridge as well... (Pardon my english)

By the way, we only have ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte here that offers z77 boards...
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  1. Why do you want PCI-e 3.0? That card will run on a PCI-e 2.0 with no problems so you can use cheaper chipsets (like Z68 or P67) and still be able to overclock. I think all Z77 are designed with SLI/Crossfire in mind so you won't find one with just one PCI-e lane
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    You can look for micro atx for z77 like this : GA-Z77MX-D3H for $130 or follow akxpckwb.
  3. @akx the radeon 7970 has it as a main feature, and the p67 and z68 mobo's have very little price difference compared to z77's its way too overpriced here in saudi as you guys can guess. But i havE no other options as there is only one shop that sells US mainstream brands, most desktops here are pre built like dell an hp! And dont even ask about ridiculous prices.
    I will check on micro atx boards, and if ever i will need to go from
    Haf x to cm enforcer.
  4. Hi, I replied to you on my thread. I'm in Jeddah too. System Computers are selling Z77 Gigabyte boards for SR460! They're priced at a minimum of SR650 everywhere else! Follow up on my thread, all the details are there.
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