Sound card mysterious problem

I've got a problem with my old ECS P4S5A/DX+ MB and his integrated sound card: even if I downloaded the right driver and the card is fully detected by the system (Windows XP sp3), I still can't hear anything.
Everything seems to be ok: all audio services are running, the volume is up and my sound device is plugged-in.

I recentely changed the MB with a new one, same model, but new, so that I'm sure that, speaking about hardware, nothing is broken.
It seems like it is a software thing...

Any ideas?
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  1. Check teh sounds menu of the Windows Control Panel, and check which output device is selected as the default.

    Also, when playing back audio, do the green bars [that indicate output volume] show? If so, this means that the output *should* be getting to the output device...
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