Asrock z77 extreme4

Hey everyone. I have a technical question about this motherboard.

I recently got this motherboard for my new gaming rigg, i installed the ram, gpu, heatsink fan and CPU. It powered up fine (the fans spun for the GPU and the heatsink) but there was no video coming out of the GPU (using an hdmi as the gtx 670 doesn't have an RGB slot) so I tried plugging my monitor into the motherboard directly. Still no video. The fans spun but I couldn't see anything. So then for whatever reason i decided to plug in the case fans (there's 2, its an antec1 case). Only 1 of the chassis fan pins on the motherboard would work. I.e if i plugged fan 1 into port 1 and fan 2 into port 2, only fan 1 would spin, then if i reversed it so that fan 2 was plugged into port 1 and fan 1 into port 2, only fan 2 would spin. I think this means its a fault motherboard but could anyone else let me know what i may be missing before I return it?

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  1. sorry guys i think I found the issue. I did not plug in BOTH power supply cables to the motherboard. I found a problem though and was looking for suggestions. My build was suggested by a fellow member Im just wondering, my motherboard has an 8 pin ATX 12V Power Connector (ATX12V1) as one of the power sources. The power supply doesnt seem to have an 8 pin 12v... is this true? Heres the manual for my motherboard

    Please help fast!
  2. I should really research before I say anything. I think it does. Confirmation would be nice
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