High temps on AMD 955BE


I get 62.8°C in Prime95(in-place large FFTs) with stock cooler.
This worries me only because I've got pretty decent case (Fractal Define R3) with additional front 120mm Fractal fan (so all together that's 2 in front and 1 in back, all 1350rpm), my ambiental temps are around 20°C and case sits on desk without any obstacles...

I'm getting Noctua nh-d14 in short time, but should I also get additional Fractal 140mm fan and place it on top of case?

Some additional info:
idle temps: CPU=37°C GPU=40°C
temps after 1 hour of StarcraftII: CPU=57,5°C GPU=71°C

Gigabyte GA990xa-ub3
AMD Phenom II 955 BE
XFX 6950 1Gb,dual fan version

picture of case:

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  1. AMD says max temp for this CPU is 62°C, so I'm not quite relaxed :)
  2. Indijanez said:
    AMD says max temp for this CPU is 62°C, so I'm not quite relaxed :)

    For stress testing I think its fine to hit 63C, but I wouldn't let it stay there for any significant amount of time.
    I agree that this is normal for the stock heatsink, which is not very good. You don't need a Noctua D14 to hit good temps. But if that's what you want and it will fit in your system then that will be good. I wouldn't do any overclocking on that HSF, wait until you get an aftermarket cooler.
  3. I'm replacing stock fan only because of it's high rpm and "whining" at high temps...I certainly wouldn't OC :)
    thanks for quick replys !
  4. so I tried to remove one of the front 120mm fans, and funny thing, CPU temp in Prime95 is 2°C lower :P

    I guess I'm getting another 120mm for top of the case to have perfect airflow
  5. update: installed Noctua nh-d14, and temps got much better instantly :)

    now i've overclocked cpu to 4.2 and it gets to 59°C after 20 minutes of Prime95
    and to not forget, it's SILENT :P
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