Is my motherboard bad

i just got parts for a build im working on and when i had everything hooked up it did not start. i thought it was the powersupply because the fan didnt start on it so i took it back got a better one. I jumped this one to see if it was working and it was.when i got home i set it up and plugged it into the motherboard and i still got nothing not even the cpu fan started up i jumped it again and plugged it in after i jumped the psu and still nothing so is it the motherboard thats not working because im getting nothing from it and if it helps these are the parts i have:

amd fx 8120 processor
ballistic 2x4 gb ddr3 ram
pny nividia gtx 550ti
asrock fx extreme 3 motherboard
seagate barracuda 1 tb harddrive
and zalman z9 case

thats just the main stuff
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