Black Screen - No BIOS

Here's my problem. My monitor stays blank when the computer is on, even the BIOS won't pop up. I've assured that everything is properly connected, and I even went out and bought a new power supply, although nothing changed.


CanadaComputers Prebuilt
asrock g41m-vs2 motherboard
intel e5400
4GB ram
HD 4650
coolermaster elite 400 power supply
500GB hitachi hard drive

The symptoms first started appearing when if I shut down the computer, any attempt at starting it up within a 5 minute period, I'd get the exact same problem as I am continuously having now. Now, always black screen.

Thing I've done:

confirmed monitor worked on different computer
tried connecting vga to onboard
changed power supply
confirmed all fans were spinning
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  1. I have the same problem, if possible try to plug the ram in different slots or reseat them or just boot with one. If that still doesnt work, either the cpu or your mobo has finally died on you. Especially since your saying psu works and monitor works. I had a laptop that all fans turned on at full blast same with lights and my cpu crapped out but other times the mobo is the one that crapped out and the cpu was fine.

    im still stuck with a amd 64 4400 and a mobo and still cant figure out which is the one that is messed up for me, I have to wait for a few parts I might have to plunge and order a cheap amd 64 cpu to see if that works.
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