Audio Device... How do I fix this?

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So I loaded all the dirvers but i am still getting the Install wizird wanting to load drivers for "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus". In the pic i added you can see the audio drivers are working and my sound is working so why is it displaying 4 rows of "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" in yellow as if they need to be fixed?

This is a new build

Z68 sli micro EVGA
i5 2550k
2) sticks of 4g 1866 mhz

Still useing XP pro 64bit

Everything is working good so far but this audio device thing keeps poping up.

Thx for any help.
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  1. if the mb an intel chipset mb dpwnload and install the newest intel chipset drivers. if the mb uses realtec audio chipset download the newest hd audio driver.
  2. For the love of all things holy stop using XP. Xp64 was short lived, OEM only and consumer driver support for it is non-existent because the kernel is the same as Windows Server 2003.
  3. I have all the latest drivers installed so it sounds like its the os xp64 from what Pinhedd is saying:)
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