MSI P67A-GD65 front panel audio doesn't mute rear panel

I can't seem to get the front panel sound to mute the rear panel sound. I already enabled the option in the Realtek HD Audio Manager, but it still plays from both jacks. It isn't a huge problem but it's kind of annoying to have to unplug them every time I want to switch between them.

Any suggestions?
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  1. does realtek recognize that there is a device in the front panel? personally i found the realtek audio manager to be extremely annoying and i disabled it in favor of the windows 7 driver.
  2. Well the reason why I installed it in the first place was because the front panel wasn't even working. Now both the rear and front panels play at the same time, but at least they work.
  3. Check that the front panel cable is plugged in right direction on the motherboard. It may be one that is setup as a mechanical switch when plugged in, and is not wired right.
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