CF 6950 only display 2 instead of 3 monitors

So, i finally received my 3 monitors,HP ZR24w, and I have 2 x HIS 6950 2gb in CF, I connected all three with DVI-D cable, 2 on the 2 on the first card, 1 on my second card. The second card would not display my 3rd monitor, Its detected on CCC, and it does run when i tried games like bfbc2, sc2, etc. I tried switching the monitors and the DVI-D cables but to no avail. It doesn't matter if I even try only 2 monitors, with each DVi-D to each gpu card, the second one wont display. Both card are at default speed, not flashed yet, and on 8x/8x mode (doesnt make difference just giving out all the facts)

MB: p8p67 deluxe
CPU: i7 2600k
Ram: 4x 4gb
PSU: OCZ ZX 1250w

MSI burner V:
CCC: 11.3
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    When in crossfire, only 1 of the 2 cards can be used for displaying. The 2nd card is like a slave to the 1st.

    In order to display to 3 monitors, you need eyefinity and a display port (highly recommended, mostly required to be active).
  2. Need one of the screens hooked up to one of the DP ports for Eyefinity. Look around for a cheap DP to DVI Active converter.
  3. As others have said you need a dp to dvi active adapter. Don't be fooled by old forum posts saying they cost $100, they go for $30-$35 on the egg.
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  5. Thank you =P, now i feel stupid asking this question >.> I ordered one at ncix for $13 after PM =)
  6. Hope you made sure it's active ;) have fun fraging!
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