TEMPORARY Thermal Compound Replacement : Mayonnaise

Sounds too good to be true, but here goes :


They too aren't sure if it can be a permanent replacement.

Quoting the conclusions page :

The big surprise of this month was the performance of the mayonnaise as a thermal compound. It worked superbly, showing better performance than some well-known high-performance thermal greases. Again, we cannot determine how long it should remain effective, but in the short term, mayonnaise was the best alternative thermal compound we have seen so far. "
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  1. But... I prefer Miracle Whip.
  2. jaguarskx said:
    But... I prefer Miracle Whip.


    Miracle Whip is where its at! Wonder if it would perform better since it tastes better! lol
  3. I like how chocolate performed worse then no paste. Choc is for eating, not a paste.
  4. Who wants a computer that smells like a chicken salad sandwich!!! Besides, mayo will stink when it breaks down!!!!!
  5. Who will want a compound which may only work for 10 mins?
  6. I'm sure all the LN2 people disagree with you.
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