Pls help me decide between a gt220 and a gt240

i would like to upgrade my Graphic card to either a 220 or a 240 .pls help me decide i wanna play games like crysis 2 ,gta episodes from liberty city ,assassins creed brotherhood and so...........
i have a
intel core 2duo process 2.8Ghz
4Gb Ram
a 21.5 inch lcd monitor...
pls help me decide
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  1. both those cards are very weak and outdated, though the 240 is much better. What is your budget, PSU, and resolution?
  2. ^+1.

    What is your current motherboard and graphics card as well?
  3. The GT 240 is the obvious better choice, it is slightly slower than my 9600GT which I have in my HTPC.

    I would probably go for the HD 5750 vs. the HD 6670 since it's raw performance is greater. Since the HD 6670 is a 2nd generation DX11, it is probably a little more efficient at processing DX11 effects. But the HD 5750's raw performance should still make it faster in DX11 games.

    Note: If your motherboard only has a PCI-e version 1.0 port, then I don't recommend installing a PCI-e v2.1 video card since the HD 6670 and the specific HD 5750 (which I provided to link to above) are both PCI-e 2.1 cards.
  4. ^+1
    The GT 2XX are dated. They are not even DX11.

    we can make solid recommendations if u know what ur present setup is exactly.
    Especially PSU, GPU and MOBO. we already know what ur CPU is.
    and ofcourse ur Budget for this upgrade.
    The budget is most important.
    In general the above recommendations are great @ 100$ budget.
    for 155$
    u can go with a HD 5850 / HD 6850
    for 175$
    a HD 6870
    for 240$ / 270$(These will bottleneck ur CPU)
    560Ti / 6950 2GB / 6970
    but u have to check if ur PSU is good enough for them.
  5. 6670 or 5750 or gt450 as bare minimum for the games you want to play!
  6. hey my budjet is within 120 to 150$
  7. and i thought nvidia is one of the best....................................... or is it ati
  8. This cabinet comes with a stock SMPS rated at 450watts (Real rating is close to 200 watts only)
  9. Find out what PSU you have, if you have a good enough one we could recommend a much better videocard.
  10. @ op

    look to getting a HD5850 / HD6850 at least and this PSU
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