Mini PC (Nettops) vs Laptops

I am facing a delimma here. I'm currently hoping to work out a system that can both allow me to do everyday work (web, school work), as well as connectivity to a 40" HDTV for leisure. Right now I am caught deciding between a laptop or a nettop.
Here is what I don't get- I might be mistaken but it seems that at a similar price point, a laptop has much more to offer since laptops would have much more capable cpu, portability, and obviously the display. So why even consider a nettop?
My question is what are the main reasons that one would buy a nettop over a laptop?
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  1. lower price
  2. Nettops are smaller, lighter, and their battery life is typically double that of a small laptop.
  3. That is true for the nettops around $100~200
    But what about the ones that go as high as 300+?

    Im mainly looking at these two products


    For another $70 or so you get a fully functional laptop which includes a much better cpu, a display, and a dvd drive. And keep in mind that RAM is not included in the nettop.

    Im just trying to make sense of this situation-- Is is just that this particular nettop is overpriced? Or are the Atom cpu and Ion gpu more powerful than I think?
  4. The above post was to reply genghiskron.

    To abcarlson: But is bettery life really a concern? I mean you can't really use it anywhere away from a ac plug cuz you will need a monitor or a TV.
    I do agree that if size and weight are your concerns, than obvoiusly nettops are better, but again how much different can they be between a small/mid laptop and a nettop?
  5. Because a nettop is very light and portable while being just good enough. If it's something you have to carry around alot, then the reduced weight of a nettop is appealing. Of course I'd rather have a tablet for portability and a more powerful (but not too heavy) laptop for work
  6. ohhh cmon quit whining..... its good work out! haha jkjk
    Jokes aside I guess if for some reason you need to carry it around a lot then nettop is for you. I also thought a nettop would probably have a much longer life span than a laptop. If this is true than it would be a big plus.
  7. ok you do realize that megamanx00 thinks you are talking about netBOOKS when you are actually talking about netTOPS.
  8. ahhhh that makes sense lol. Yea I was wondering why would anyone want to carry a nettop around all the time. So any other thoughts? I still feel very unconvinced why anyone would spend money on a $300+ NETTOP
  9. um... what is the consideration here? A Nettop is a cute little machine for Netflix, hulu, and UT2K4 that hooks to your TV, has a remote control, and generally sits still. It is not for productivity work (you will frustrate yourself trying to get anything accomplished on an atom, though they do have their uses). Also, throw a huge drive in a nettop and you have a nice basic home server (with the right OS).

    Lastly, not a terrible price on the nettop, but I would personally go the blackbox route, slightly larger case, same basic mobo, but much better expand-ability (larger/faster HDDs, CD/DVD/Blue ray player, and some breathing room while still being silent).

    Get something like this (perhaps not this exact product):
    Add your HDD, Ram, OS, and favorite passive cooled PCIe x16 card, later add your slim ODD of choice, and you will have a much more powerful system than your notebook in the same price range, as well as a media server, and it will last for years to come.
    It is not much larger than the nettop you were looking at, but it is much more powerful.

    If you need the portability then you don't have a choice, but the nettop will get you an easy 5+ years sitting still with limited application, while the battery on the laptop will start going in 3-4 years, and the HDD will likely need replacing in that time as well but it can do more in more places.
  10. genghiskron said:
    ok you do realize that megamanx00 thinks you are talking about netBOOKS when you are actually talking about netTOPS.

    yeah my bad, just realized that :p
  11. genghiskron: haha thanks for the reply anyways

    caedenv: Very helpful reply! Thank you so much for that. I understand better how those things work after reading your thread. After a little more research myself I realized Ion graphics are more powerful than I thought, so although the cpu is significantly weaker, the Ion makes it worthwhile for a HTPC.
    After some consideration I think I will get a Llano laptop, since I will probably be bringing it back and forth between my bedroom and living room (TV in the living room). Specifically this one:

    For $725 I get a low-mid end gaming laptop, blu-ray, and also an xbox. Pretty good deal I think. What do you guys think?
  12. just make sure you are buying from Amazon, it randomly switches you to some 3rd party sellers for some reason
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