Using 7200rpm drives in RAID-0, worth it ?

I have one 7200rpm 500GB SATA and 1TB 5400rpm SATA. If I buy another 500GB 7200rpm and create a RAID-0 of those 500GB HDDs; then can I see performance increase in general usage, video encoding/decoding or games loading ?

Can anyone give me suggestions and some performance numbers if they have ?
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  1. Your benchmarks will look wonderful, and you can pat yourself on the back for improving your performance.

    But... Unfortunately, you will not be able to tell the difference in real life. The reason is, that very little of what we do is of an overlapped sequential nature where raid-0 shines.

    As a suggestion, use 1tb 7200rpm drives instead. The denser platters transfer data better than the older and less dense drives.

    If you want good performance for the OS, get a SSD. That will be a difference you can feel.
  2. And to add to that when one of your hd's goes tits up, you will lose all your data. I really dont understand the use of raid0(which isnt raid). Its not really smart to raid0 spindles.

    But like everything I say, you need to backup and then backup that backup.
  3. I am not actually thinking about data-loss as I have 1TB drive which I use for backup and my 500GB drive (or with RAID-0) will be only for OS and Games + temporary downloads.

    I am thinking about it if I can get some performance boost with RAID-0. SSD is off my budget for some time.
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    Raid0 will help with you transferring big files. Its not going to help windows load faster it will actually slow it down a little. I dont think that the performance gain youll get will be like night and day as it is with an ssd. The snappy feel you get with an ssd cannot be replicated with spindles becuase your still dealing with latency and seek times. The os does alot of random reads and writes and thats where the ssd shines.

    I understand that ssd is out of your reach right now but all I can say is just try it and see if you notice a perfomance boost. Not in benchmarks but real world performance boost. Raid0 looks good in benchmarks period.
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  6. Thanks for answering my question. I will wait for getting SSD rather than creating RAID-0.
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  8. agreed

    the general rule with hdd's is now "either its an SSD, or its not" - dont bother with "high end" hdd's there all around the same performance these days, and all ssd's are in a group of there own

    theres no middle ground
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