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I have two Nvidia Geforce GTS 250's with 1024 GDDR3 memory. I just got a free Geforce GTS 250 with 512 GDDR3 memory. The clocks are all the same its just the memory differnce. I was wandering if using coolbits I could use 3-way SLI? If that would work, is it worth taking the memory loss for 3-way SLI? Thanks.
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  1. In tri sli the last card will only work at like 20 percent (I just made that number up but it is REALLY low), plus 512 mb of memory is like nothing, you NEED more than that for gaming nowadays.

    Think of it this way. The difference between having enough memory and not having enough memory isn't about losing a couple FPS, its about a game turning into a slideshow. If your run out of VRAM you will run into a slide show.

    Long story short....
    2 GTS 250 1GB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 GTS 250 512mb.
  2. Generally the GTS 250 is only meant for 2-way SLI. If the cards have two SLI fingers and you have an 3-way SLI certified board along with a 3-way SLI bridge you may be able to do it. Even so it's probably not worth the memory loss unless you just want really high FPS for no apparent reason in older games :p
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