Galaxy Nvidia Geforce 240 Problems

I have a nvidia geforce 240 but am not sure if its the gt or the gts or the gtx version. I am trying to use my 27" rca true flat crt tv as my monitor via connecting my nvidia geforce 240 to my tv via the hdmi port on the back through a hdmi to component video rgb/rw cable but the nvidia control panel in windows 7 ultimate wont pick up my tv. I think it is because I have too new of a video card driver. Any help finding a driver verison that would help me do what I want to do would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. The newest driver would be your best bet, so stick with it. As for your problem I can't help you. Its a bitch and a half to get a TV to work as a monitor via HDMI/DVI or VGA as it is.. let alone trying to adapt between HDMI to component.
  2. Thanks anyway
  3. Yeah I'm sure someone will get to you. But you do know those CRT TVs can only display 480p. I mean... it really wouldn't be worth it to even attempt to use a computer on one.. even if you somehow got it working.
  4. my computer speakers are going out and it was cheaper to buy a cable to hook up my desktop pc to my tv than buy another set of speakers. What about crt tvs that have component video inputs?
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