Trouble connecting to internet using Windows 7

Just bought a new computer w/ Windows 7. It was working just fine until sometime over the holidays. I am migrating from old computer to new computer, but since 12/26, cannot pick up email and cannot connect to internet using IE 8.0. When I run network diagnostics on new computer it provides following explanation: THE CONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR ACCESS POINT, ROUTER, OR CABLE MODEM AND THE INTERNET IS BROKEN. THE NETWORK GATEWAY IS ACCESSIBLE, BUT WINDOWS COULD NOT RECEIVE NETWORK TRAFFIC. I restarted the cable modem and the router and switch cables... nothing seems to resolve the problem.
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  1. Is this wireless or wired?
  2. festerovic said:
    Is this wireless or wired?

    Wired (Ethernet) connection to NetGear Router
  3. Make sure your computer's off and then try plugging the modem directly into your computer omitting the router and see if you can connect to the internet. If you can, the problem with your router. Try resetting it and see if that works.

    If you can not, contact your provider's helpdesk for the quickest assistance with your issue. They'll assist you with connecting to the internet (Cable modem to pc). They will not assist you with router issues.
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