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This isn't a card per-se, so I apologize upfront if this question is posted in the wrong area.

I recently build a new, Intel "Sandy Bridge" computer system. One of the big features touted with these new cpus is the on chip graphics capabilities they possess. Unfortunately, regardless of which drivers I use, whether from the motherboard website or form intel directely, the display drivers keep hanging with windows 7 x64 repeatedly "recovering" and then I can continue working. It doesn't happen at any specific interval, or during any specific activity. It just seems random.

Is anyone else having problems with these intel drivers? I was considering getting a mid-grade graphics card to solve this problem.
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  1. Yes, I had quite a few problems with mine.

    What I found out was that the intel drivers are VERY particular with your motherboard and also the connection you use from your monitor to the computer.

    I went through about 6 sets of drivers before I found one that would let me boot. Later it was doing the same thing and I switched from HDMI to DVI and then I was able to use the newest drivers.

    Watching the Intel forums is like going to the circus... these clowns can't seem to replicate any of the problems 50 users are talking about on one thread. It's crazy!

    So I'd say try and find multiple versions of the driver and try them until you get one that works.

    I was really close to buying a discrete card. If the DVI somehow stops working, I'm definitely buying a small profile geforce 210 or something like that.
  2. Quote:
    HD4350s should be available dirt cheap :lol:

    Well, if the OP has a i5 2500k, then the Intel HD 3000 graphic core is more powerful than a HD 4350. It's actually a bit more powerful than the HD 5450.
  3. A bit more powerful, when it isn't crashing.

    I have been trolling on newegg looking at decent mid-high grade cards that seem to get mostly good reviews. I'm not a gamer or a big video editor so I doubt I'll need much more card than that anyway.

    I'm just waiting to see if I should indeed buy a discreet graphics card or maybe spring for an internal sata iii ssd instead.

    What would the opinion be of this card:
  4. It's good for gaming, but if you are not going to be playing games, then there's no point in spending that much money for a video card. You'll be wasting your money.

    A SSD is good for decreasing the amount of time it takes to boot up, install, uninstall, load, and save files on to the SSD.
  5. Not a bad option for the 5670.

    A bit more powerful, when it isn't crashing.

    I've not had it crash yet. Every game I've played so far has run smoothly without issues, so I know it's possible. If you get a driver that lets you boot likely it will also work with everything else.
  6. Update: Well the Geforce 550 ti came and is installed. I am happy to report that so worth, knock on wood, windows is no longer crashing as far as display drivers are concerned. Let's hope it stays that way, then I can claim my rebate.
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