Whats the best Cpu and motherboard combo?

What the best Cpu and Motherboard combo under 230
Preferably an AMD CPU (Just because of price) :bounce:
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  1. dollars, pounds or yen?

    please be more specific.
    What dya intend to use your system for? dya have DDR 2/3 ram lying around?

    please post back with these answers and we can move on.
  2. Dollars
    DDr3 or DDR2
    Preferably DDR3
  3. Mainly overclocking and gaming
    well i have 4gb or ddr2 but i wanna get ddr3 but im not sure still
    i wanna run 8 gb if i get ddr3
  4. if it sOC'ing then obviously those combo's i marked up are useless...lemme take a look at that again.

    so 230 is for cpu and mobo?
  5. Yep see if i dont buy ram then i need a mb that runs ddr2
    and my limit runs up to 300
    but if i decide to buy ram my limit is 230
  6. A Little over my price range i might go with 6
    but i appreciate the work
    thank u
    i especially fell in love with the black mb
  7. :) got everything with a black theme in mind.
    what dya mean by 6?

    that mobo can later handle a bulldozer proc later down the road...actually i'd ask you to hold onto cash, wait a bit until more tech is released...but the ram and moboa re really good offers!
  8. Ill wait But ive been waiting 4 like 4 months so
    im tired of waiting i cant complain my computer isnt the best but it get my gaming needs done but bf3 is coming out and i wanna be ready
    oo and i meant 6 gb of ram or something around there
  9. lets have a look at your current specs - shall we? :)

    6GB is actually a silly idea...with dual channel mem in effect from a ong time - you would either get 3x2GB sticks which nulls out the feature of dual channel mem architecture.

    if you get 2GB sticks then you can have a minimum of 2GB in only one slot or 8GB on all 4 slots poulated

    3GB sticks aren't (yet) made.... so its either 2/4/8/16

    FYI - for most games now, getting anything above 4GB isn't fully utilized - i can't find the link but you could do a google search of the maximum ram utilization...add that with an OC as well...so you can see a limit to how much you can actually use in real world apps/work

    BF3 huh? like i said, lemme see the specs of current rig and maybe we can handle it a lil differently.

    :lol: waiting can be a PITA - but when you pull the trigger with teh right parts - you're happy a fish in the sea :D
  10. okay :)

    that 5700 GPU...?

    is that a 5770?

    your system is fine and dandy!!!!

    have a read at this;

    then wait for BF3 to officially release - some thigns might change but not all specs for running the game. YOU ARE GOOD with what you have!

    * keep that $300 intact and splash it on newer GPU's from AMD/Nvidia later in Q1 2012...actually at the end of 2011 you might hear some cards from the two camps.
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